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  •         Lolita is a novel written by Vladimir Nabokov. It was published three separate times, during 1955 in Paris, in 1958 in New York City, and also 1959 in London. Lolita is about Dolores (A.K.A. Lolita) and a middle-aged man named Humbert Humbert, who grows an obsession with Lolita (who is only twelve years old at the time). He is attracted to nymphets, which are younger girls in which whom he becomes sexually involved with. He does this with Lolita after he becomes her stepfather. He becomes controlling over her and he drives her away, after Humbert realizing he still loves her even though she is old at the time, he asks her to leave her husbands and then gives you a significant amount of money to help her out. The links that I choose all relate to the book Lolita because I chose the main themes and subjects that stuck out the most to me. Topics like obsession, kidnapping, pedophilia, rape culture etc. I chose the items that were necessary to have knowledge on to be able to understand what this Novel is truly about. I have selected a few songs that relate to the theme of rape and rape culture. I also linked the full movie so that is available to the viewers, along with a website that gives more insight into Lolita. Along with the movie, I attached the book, so the viewers had access to a copy. To end my blog on Lolita I added an about the author subject so the readers can learn more about Vladimir Nabokov. The reason I selected Lolita as my book for the syllabus assignment is due to the fact that it is a controversial book. This book complicates the reader’s emotion because they are plagued with the question of “was this rape?” On one hand Lolita shared the mutual connection with Humbert and was okay with the events that were happening, until she wanted to manipulate him and would scream rape. But on the other hand she is a twelve-year-old little girl that cannot make those types of decisions that she was faced with, and Humbert being the adult should not have taken advantage of this little girl. So since there is an argument that pairs along with this story it gives the reader something to think about on the side while they are trying to understand the book. I also chose this book because it covers rape, which is pretty relevant in society today. This was a determining factor for me because this book educates the reader on a social issue while entertaining them with a good story at the same time. So my reasoning for picking Lolita was because of its complex story that comes with reading the story of Lolita, which is how accepted rape culture is and how the reader can link that to real life society because rape culture is concept that seems to be accepted way more than it should be and way to normally.